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This is a podcasted audio version of my short story Eversharp. If you'd like to read this or other stories, please visit my website at

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It's been a while since I made a podcast. This is a short one from the Remittance Girl blog: an erotic story about stories, about writing, about writers and readers.

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Tourist - A Story in four Parts

Tourist is a story in four parts. Two written from female points of view and two from male ones. Part one and part three of the story are read by Harper Eliot, who is a magnificent erotic fiction writer in her own right. Please visit her website at . Parts two and four are kindly read by Raziel Moore, who has a wonderful archive of his outstanding erotic fiction at his site:

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Nathalie's Tailor is a short story by Remittance Girl. It contains adult subject matter.

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Transfer is a short story by Remittance Girl

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Heat Sink

Heat Sink explores the themes of anger and bitterness through an erotic lens.

The muscle at the hinge of his jaw twitches beneath his skin. Only this subtle sign betrays his thoughts as the dinner party’s fatuous host holds forth with unforgivable ignorance on the subject of poverty. From across the over-lit dinner table, I try to catch his eye. To give him the sanctuary of my mind. To say, don’t listen, love. Please don’t listen. But I can see it’s too late. He’s too far gone...

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On January 2nd, 2009, Jeremy Sykes stepped into the crowded elevator that took him to his office on the 44th floor. The passengers were bundled up against the winter cold. Some looked tanned from recent winter holidays in warmer climes, but all exuded that air of barely contained ill temper that inevitably haunts everyone who has had a Christmas break…

The Virtue of Patience is short erotic story about a chance encounter in an office tower’s elevator. This story is read by Nobilis, of Nobilis Erotica

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The Centr Girls on Top The Central Registry in Girls on Top: Explicit Erotica for Women Edited by Violet Blue

Publisher: Cleis Press (February 10, 2009) Language: English ISBN-10: 1573443409 ISBN-13: 978-1573443401

Buy it


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Midnight...a cold, empty airport, almost devoid of humanity, and a very hungry vampire.

This story is featured in
The Sweetest Kiss Midnight at Sheremetyevo
in The Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Erotica
Edited by D.L. King

Publisher: Cleis Press (October 1, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1573443719
ISBN-13: 978-1573443715

Buy it


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bap.jpg A short story by Remittance Girl in the erotic horror genre. Set in 1870, in French Indochina, a recently ordained Catholic priest has come to a small village to spread the gospel to the heathen natives.

If you would like to read along with the text original, please go to my website:

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ghostmarksThis is a podcasted version of the erotic short story "Ghost Marks".

With one slender finger, Rachel pushed the crystal king onto its side with a click. It rocked back and forth on its round base on the marble chessboard.

Her father’s eyes flitted over the chessboard, tracing lines of power. “What the hell do you think your doing?”

“I’m resigning.”

“Don’t be stupid! Why would you resign? Your king isn’t in any danger.”

“I’m going to lose. I made a mistake, early on.”

If you would like to read this story or others, please visit my website at
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clickdingLying on his belly in the middle of a rice paddy, Carl showed the new trainee, Sovann, how to come at the anti-personnel mine, partially embedded in the muck, at a 30 degree angle and gently touch the knife tip to the side of the box, feeling for give. The young man, sweating as profusely as Carl inside his protective helmet, grinned and copied him. He had a nice steady hand, wasn’t easily spooked or too superstitious. Carl felt a swell of pride for his student.

Click is a non-consensual story that might be disturbing to some readers / listeners. Please keep that in mind. It is also written in 3rd person limited from a male POV and, because of this, I have been hesitant to podcast it myself. Monocle (Raziel Moore) of very kindly agreed to read it for me and I think the male voice, and his very good reading of the story really brings it to life.

Monocle is a very good erotica writer in his own right. He shares a blog with Red Bud (Will Crimson). Please take the time to visit it here.

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patternp.jpgHe was a three, I realized with a little shiver. A metal-legged spider scampered up the ladder of my spine and curled itself into a cold, tingling ball just beneath the back of my skull. A perfect, perfect three. As humans, we like threes, but rarely had I met such a dedicated one.

Pattern Passion is a short erotic story about people who see the erotic in numbers.

(To read this and other short erotic fiction, go to

Listen Now:This material is (c) 2009 Remittance Girl
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darkg.jpgI’m back at his doorstep. This place I’ve sworn I’ll never return to. Many times.

I feel dirty, ugly, as I ring the bell, and uglier still when he answers the door wearing nothing but a pair of baggy trousers. His feet are bare, his hair disheveled, he hasn’t shaved in a while.  He’s not handsome, or well built, or even particularly well hung and, worst of all, he has a laugh that makes me cringe. I do my very best not to make him laugh.

Read this story and others at

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